Media Services

What is Roanoke Valley Television (RVTV)?

RVTV is a Government and Educational Access Station serving the City of Roanoke, the County of Roanoke, the Town of Vinton, and their respective school systems. Our operational budget is provided by the three local governments, and it is funded through the Virginia Communication and Sales Tax paid to each locality by cable services such as Cox Communications and Shentel/Glofiber

Media Production Services

Designated communicators or department heads from any of our sponsor municipalities may utilize RVTV for creative media development. To get a production started, use our online media production request form. Please be aware that the primary public information contact from your organization will receive a copy of the request. Fulfillment may be limited due to volume, with preference based on order of request and equitability to our partner organizations (download a printable menu of services).

  • VIDEO: LONGFORM - Typically 9 to 30 minutes in length, suitable for reproduction for a target audience or full show on RVTV channel 3 and associated social media outlets.
  • VIDEO: SHORTFORM – Typically 3 to 8 minutes in length, suitable for use on social media or a segment on RVTV channel 3 and associated social media outlets.
  • VIDEO: PSA – Typically 15, 30, or 60 seconds in length designed for re-broadcast on local media or an online promotional campaign.
  • LIVE MEETING – On-site live documentation of a municipal meeting (limits apply).
  • PODCAST - Utilizing RVTV's podcast studio to record content, typically edited into a 30-60 minute format monthly.
  • EVENT – Attendance at a special event, ribbon cutting, or groundbreaking for documentation purposes. Typically a highlight video is created.
  • BEAUTY SHOTS – Capturing video, still photography or drone footage for unknown future use.
  • MESSAGE BOARD – Content designed to run as text based information on RVTV channel 3.
  • CUSTOM GRAPHIC DESIGN - Custom creation of an infographic, animated graphic, or brand specific graphics package for digital, print or video use.
  • PRINT LAYOUT & DESIGN - Branded content creation for print including fliers, brochures and small publications of under 12 pages.
  • MEDIA DUPLICATION & DISTRIBUTION - Modifying the format of an existing piece of media, or creating multiple copies such as a DVD.


The RVTV Director oversees the daily operations of the station. The RVTV station's policy and procedures are governed by the Roanoke Regional Cable Television Committee, which is made up of representatives of all three localities.


Roanoke Valley Television offers a wide variety of programming choices, including monthly television shows, live government meetings, and stand-alone informational videos.