What are the primary functions of Roanoke Valley Television?
  • Creative Media Production
    RVTV produces original media content for the municipalities we serve.
    • Longform Video: Productions that are typically 11 to 30 minutes in length. This may include recurring programs (quarterly/monthly) such as Inside Roanoke, Roanoke County Today, Spotlight on City Schools, Accent Excellence, Roanoke County Business Partners, Recreation Television and Libraries Happenings. RVTV also produces standalone longform productions by request.
    • Shortform Video: Productions that are typically 30 seconds to 10 minutes in length, suitable for use on social media and general public communications efforts.
    • Graphic & Print Design: RVTV offers custom creation of digital graphics, and limited print production such as postcards, flyers and brochures.
    • File Photo/Video & Event Services: Includes documentation of municipal events, as well as the capture of file video and photography for future use.
  • Regular Government Meetings
    RVTV facilitates the recording, directing and live streaming of 80 government meetings held by Roanoke City Council and the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors.

  • Content Distribution
    Completed media content is provided to our municipal partners at no charge. It is also shared on RVTV’s cable channels, streamed live 24/7 online and Roku (beginning spring 2021) and uploaded to our social media outlets including:

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